Teijin Advertising Campaign 2018
2018-07-04 11:30

Teijin  Advertising Campaign 2018 
  • Purpose:  To  increase “TEIJIN” brand awareness and build more corporate image  for Teijin Group in Thailand, we continue  advertising campaign in 2018  under the theme 100th Anniversary in Japan and  50th Anniversary in Thailand

  • Media: Out of home media : Billboards and Bus wrap
  • Period : 6  months  from July- December 2018

Location of billboards

 1.Paholyothin Road/Outbound –opposite to Thai Wasadu

 2. Pahonyothin Road / inbound Navanakorn

Bus wrap

Air conditioning buses  No. 510, 29, 504, 522/ Total 11 buses ( passing  by TPL factory)

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