Les Comités de Travail

La CCFT anime aujourd'hui cinq comités de travail externes (Ressources Humaines, Jeunes Professionnels (YP), Luxe, Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR), Food & Beverage (F&B), ainsi que deux comités internes (Membership et Gala).
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The Working Committees

The FTCC has seven external working committees (Human Ressources / HR, Young Professionals / YP, Luxury&lifestyle, Corporate Social responsibility /CSR, Food&Beverage /F&B) and two internal committees (Membership and Gala).
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Role and Missions

The Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce was founded in Bangkok in 1966 by French Companies. Today, it represents over 336 Members with business interests in France and in Thailand from various sectors, forming a dynamic and powerful business network.

The Chamber is a Member of CCI France International (Federation of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad), a strong and active worldwide network of over 120 French Chambers in 90 countries with 900 permanent staff and 27 000 members. It also works closely with Chambers of Commerce and Industry in France and Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand. The Chamber is working in collaboration with other trade-related French institutions such as the French Embassy Economic and Commercial Department or the Foreign Trade Advisors (“CCE”). The Chamber is a member of the Board of Trade in Thailand and promotes the Franco-Thai profile through our involvement with Thai ministries and official bodies.

The FTCC is committed to four main areas of responsibility:

? To promote bilateral trade and investment between France and Thailand in general

? To represent, federate, inform, stimulate and serve the interests of its Members

? To support commercial endeavors from French Companies in Thailand and Thai companies in France

? To assist companies in their recruitment of French nationals and help French candidates in their job search locally in Thailand

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